20″ Offset Smoker

The first of the BSG smokers to be released the 20″ offset smoker ‘The Notorious BSG’ is an amazing unit which is sure to put a smile on your face not only with its fantastic looks but with its cooking ability. We have been informed by customers that the 20″ BSG smoker has reduced their cooking times increased finished product end results (in looks and feel with much better bark) and best of all reduced their wooden fuel consumption by half saving you time and money what more could you want.

This unit is also extremely easy to move due to its super heavy duty castors with rubber lined non marking wheels to protect your patios and tiled floors one person can easily more this unit by them selves making it very convenient. 

The BSG 20″Offset Smoker features are:

  • Full 6mm thick steel construction to increase heat retention
  • Approximately 270kg in weight
  • Approximately 1800mm in total length
  • 500mm diameter cooking chamber
  • BSG signature laser cut hexagon shaped adjustable intake all precisely calculated to give correct draw
  • Precisely calculated and positioned exhaust stack with adjustable damper giving you more control of your smoker
  • 2 slide out removable cooking racks in the main cooking chamber.
    Counter weight on the cooking chamber door making it easier to open and close
  • Adjustable heat deflector tuning plates in the cooking chamber so you can direct the heat to where you need it or to keep the temperature even from end to end
  • 2 competition grade temperature gauges with recalibration screws. In C/F ranging from 0-300C and 50-550F 
  • Full Stainless steel hinges and handles on the cooking chamber door and grill plate lid
  • Stainless steel cool touch handles on cooking chamber and grill plate lid.
    Heavy duty firebox wood grate with ash pan making clean up a breeze
    Front fold out shelf 
  • The main chamber can hold water to help steam and moisturize the meat while cooking
  • 1”ball valve drain for easy cleaning
  • 650C heat resistant satin black paint
  • 4 super heavy duty lockable castors with non-marking rubber lined wheels to protect your patio and tiled floors also making it extremely easy to move

Price: $3800 inc GST + delivery within 60km of Ipswich

Added Options

  • Stainless steel grill plate and flip up grill cover with stainless handle and cool touch handle $390
  • Cold smoke generator with compression screw attachment to smoker also includes air pump with dual adjustable air outlets $160